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Why We Love Your Club: Special Liverpool FC Edition

An open letter to Liverpool Football Club

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Dear Liverpool FC,

I want to start this letter off by saying kudos to you LFC. Not many teams this season have walked away from the Westfalenstadion with any sort of advantage, no matter how slight. Origi slipping one through while we weren't looking, that was pretty smooth. Yeah, that away goal sure did take us by surprise, and as a matter of fact so did the scoreline, but just remember; your slight advantage is nothing but, and were going to come out of the tunnel on Thursday night with all guns blazin', so hold on if you can.

...Ah, forgive me, I'm getting a little too excited.

Believe it or not, I'm not writing this letter to make petty threats or to try and psych you out, I'm actually writing this because we have a lot in common, you and I. Just take a look at our...I mean, your song. Yes, I'm a big enough person to admit that you did sing it first, even before Celtic. The band who made You'll Never Walk Alone famous, Gerry and the Pacemakers, were just a bunch of Liverpool boys and the legendary Bill Shankly made the song a staple in the terraces of Anfield as early as 1964.

Our similarities don't stop there though. The Yellow Wall and the Kop are both flag waving, banner ridden testaments to the passion of our wonderful fan bases, and our stadiums, the Westfalenstadion and Anfield respectively, have become revered as fortresses over the years. We both have a Champion's League trophy under our belt, although our cabinet is missing a few European Cups, and hell, we've even shared a manager! ( I'll get to him later)

I'll also admit that while our similarities foster a sentimental feeling towards your club, it's not the only thing to admire. You have a rich and exceptional history that all Dortmund fans should consider before their heads get too big. Five European Championships, 18 league titles, and seven FA Cups, you guys were Manchester United before Manchester United were Manchester United! You were the rulers of the football world in the late 70s and early 80s as soft spoken but legendary manager Bob Paisley and his famous boot-room staff built on the foundations laid by Bill Shankly and won 17 major trophies in only nine seasons, including four European Cups. That's enough prestige to fill any other great club's entire history books, but you accomplished it all in under a decade.

As for your form in recent decades though...

But hey, isn't that why you brought in our beloved and bespectacled German connection? Yes, it's that time, if you don't mind, can you pass the letter to Kloppo?

Dear Jürgen,

Hey, long time no see. I just want you to know, that away goal hurt way more than I thought it would. Looks like you moved on faster than us BVB fans would care to admit. Regardless though, don't change a bit. You've become a living bridge between our two clubs, and I actually wish you the best of luck.

You found Liverpool in much of the same state that you found Borussia Dortmund in when you took charge way back in 08', estranged, and a shell of its former self. May you rejuvenate and redesign Liverpool with all the success you had here, and always remember, you'll never walk alone...except when we score on you in front of the Kop. Now, hand the letter back over.

Hi, sorry about that, where was I...oh yes!

Liverpool, you truly are a club we love; from the parallels that spark our affinity, to the deep respect we have for your history and special cachet, we wish you luck in your years under our esteemed alum, and we wish you luck in our coming visit to Anfield. You'll definitely be needing it.

You'll Never Walk Alone

Sincerely, Fear The Wall