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16/17 Kit Info Leaked: Dortmund to feature in all yellow?

The folks at Footy Headlines strike again.

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

The story of Dortmund's 15/16 season is far from over, and while this season has featured a wonderful return to form after the fall of 14/15, I would be lying if I said I wouldn't be disappointed if we didn't manage at least one trophy this year.

That said, I'm always down to talk about new kits, and the usually reliable people at Footy Headlines got the low-down on info for the 16/17 Dortmund home kits. Breaking with typical Dortmund fashion, next year's home kit will reportedly feature yellow tops as well as yellow shorts, while the black and yellow hooped socks will remain. In addition to the yellow-heavy look, the home kits will feature a sublimated graphic of some sort to give the shirts a unique twist. Puma has a long history with these graphics, from the Switzerland and Austria shirts that will be featured in this summer's European Championship to the Ivory Coast's excellent elephant jerseys.

To level with you, I don't know if I'll be a fan of the all-yellow look even before seeing the kits. The black shorts always do a nice job of breaking up such a vibrant color as yellow, and I don't know if the black and yellow hoop socks will look weird or not with such a lack of black elsewhere in the kit. We have gone with an all-yellow look in the past couple of years as a third kit, but I've felt pretty lukewarm about them in general.

Personally, I'm just waiting for Puma to get back to the yellow and black vertical stripes of Dortmund's 12/13 third kit, complete with collar:

Credit: Dennis Grombkowski, Getty

Credit: Dennis Grombkowski, Getty

One last bit of info from that kit leak: Dortmund will debut the new kits on the last day of the Bundesliga season, which is a pretty clever marketing ploy. Kits always look better on the players themselves and it's sure to boost sales, as Dortmund's look will be officially revealed before most other major clubs put their shirts on display. Do you think the all-yellow kits can work? Will a sublimated graphic do enough to break up the color scheme, or do you think it will just look busy? And do you miss the black and yellow vertical stripes a little bit, or do you cry yourself to sleep every night from the sheer lack of them in your life?