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Support Unusual Efforts: Football by Women, For Everyone

A time-out to lend our support to a worthy cause.

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Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

Sleeping off your hangover from Der Klassiker still? Well, when you've got a second, the fine folks at Unusual Efforts would like a moment of your time and a dollar or two of your support:

Unusual Efforts Promo Video from Unusual Efforts on Vimeo.

Not to get too far into this without actually letting them explain themselves, Unusual Efforts is an upcoming website and magazine founded on the premise that women deserve equal opportunity and representation in the football/soccer media world, where they are currently not even afforded 1/5th of that representation. To that end, Unusual Efforts will be written, edited, and designed completely by women. This does not mean that it will only be read by women, nor does it mean it will be exclusively about women's football. It simply means that you'll be getting a new, quality media outlet for the beautiful game, one that happens to be produced by people without a Y-chromosome.

We here at Fear the Wall love the idea, and want to lend our official support to it. If you want to support Unusual Efforts, you can find their Indiegogo page here, and their Twitter account here. They need to hit a goal of $20,000 by the end of the month, and have some great gifts and perks with certain levels of giving. Go help them out.