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Match Prediction Game: BVB vs. Bayern

Oh it's lit.

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

This could very well prove to be the biggest game of the Bundesliga season, and the match prediction game is here for it. If you need a primer on the points breakdown, check out the original thread here. And if you've been participating but are missing the master points thread, we're waiting for a certain blog editor to get us those facts and figure soon. Here are the staff predictions:

Brian Meyers: Win, 1-0, Kagawa

Angelo Sylvester: Draw, 2-2, Mkhitaryan

Mark Chadwick: Win, 1-0, Mkhitaryan

Alex Greenberg: Draw, 1-1, Vidal

Adam Whittaker Snavely: Loss, 2-3, Lewandowski (sorry)

Daniel Shulman: Win, 2-1, Aubameyang