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Watch: 9-year-old Christian Pulisic tears apart youth soccer defenses

The word "prodigy" has never been more appropriate.

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

17-year-old American phenom Christian Pulisic has already appeared six times for Borussia Dortmund's senior squad. He was cap-tied to the United States on Tuesday when he became the youngest player to ever play for the USMNT in World Cup Qualifying. Despite his youth he hasn't looked out of place with Dortmund, and he certainly didn't in his brief cameo against Guatemala.

In this video uploaded in 2008 by Christian's dad and youth coach Mark, the younger Pulisic actually does look a bit out of place. But the only reason he looks out of place is because he's so clearly a level above the competition. Check it out for yourself, at age nine he was breathtakingly good.

If nine-year-old Pulisic were a player in FIFA, he'd have five-star skill moves. He repeatedly embarrasses defenders all over the pitch with his deft touch and control. The ball sticks to his foot like Lionel Messi, and he produces step-overs that would impress even Cristiano Ronaldo.

Watch at 2:27 in the video when the future Dortmund player leaves an unsuspecting defender in the dust with a filthy Maradona turn. He also hits the top corner a couple times on free kicks, a talent we know he has from his time with BVB's youth teams, but something he hasn't been able to showcase yet for the senior squad.

I don't even know what to call the move that he pulls at 5:43 into the video. That's the type of technique that sends the other kid home crying because he doesn't understand how what Pulisic just did to him is even possible.

The Soulja Boy song that plays in the beginning of the video is fitting as little Pulisic appears to be dancing past defenders. You should be warned that at one point in the video Mr. Pulisic, who played professional indoor soccer in the US, chooses a Nickelback song for the soundtrack. It was 2008 so I guess we'll give him a pass, but maybe mute your video for that part.

After watching these highlights it's not hard to see why Dortmund were so keen to pluck Pulisic from Pennsylvania Youth Soccer and bring him over to Germany. Good work by the BVB scouts, they've found a real gem.