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Dortmund CEO: Aubameyang only leaving for 100-120 Million Euros

thats a lot of money

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke has put a pricetag on Aubameyang and it's a big one. Watzke has said that BVB will only listen to offers €100-120 million or higher. Now, this is a huge number even for a superstar like Aubameyang. Watzke justifies the price by saying that the star just signed a five year extension and the club really wants to keep Aubameyang around for the long haul. With teams like Real Madrid and PSG gunning for him this summer, this is a serious statement saying that BVB isn't letting go of our batman without putting up a serious fight. While Aubameyang has expressed interest in going to Madrid, he has also said he wants to stay at BVB longer. He's said he doesn't want to leave the club, as long as his best friend and rap video co star Marco Reus are still around. Here's to hoping that if Aubameyang does leave the club, we can make some great purchases with that money.