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The Bayern-BVB Title Race is On

We are now a stone's throw from FCB with a huge match coming up against them. What could go wrong???

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

It may not be as incredible as Leicester City's run in the EPL, but last years campaign battling it out in the relegation zone (until about week 20 when we finally managed to break free), we are now in a title race for the Bundesliga. With Bayern's loss and our win yesterday, we are now 5 points away from the reigning champions. 5 points may not sound like a lot, but Bayern only suffered their second loss of their Bundesliga campaign yesterday, so the pressure will be on BVB to minimize the points dropped for the rest of the race.

To add to the drama of a title race, we play the Bavarians' at home on Saturday. A win would put us only 2 points away from the southern giants. A loss would put us 8 points out again, with little hope of coming back. If we do manage a tie or win, we still need to hope for a Bayern slip up to get us closer to the top. With the amount of Injuries that has plagued Bayern and busy schedule, this is still possible.  Bayern are still in the Champions League and Pokal cup, which will keep their midweek game schedule busy for awhile. On the flip side of the coin, we are still in Europa and the Pokal so our midweeks aren't much better.

Under TT we have been amazing, and hopefully we can at least get our foot in the door this season and win something. While Bayern may be the second best football team in the world, stealing the Pokal or league from them would be huge in terms of keeping or acquiring new talent, as well as proving the Bundesliga isn't turning into Ligue 1.

Hope can be a terrible thing, but pre-season, no one thought we'd be here and here we are.