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BVB vs Augsburg Preview

This shouldn't be too hard, right?

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

The boys are traveling to Augsburg to take on the Fuggerstädter in what will definitely be a high scoring affair. Augsburg have scored 5 goals in their last two games, but also have given up 5 goals as they try to get further out of the relegation area.

Augsburg are without one of their star players Raul Bobadilla, as he recovers from an injury sustained earlier in the year. When it comes to the rest of Augsburg's attack they don't offer very much in the way of quality. Their striker the past few games, Alfred Finnbogason, who came over from Olympiacos this season, has scored 2 goals in his 6 appearances so far. Since manager Markus Weinzierl runs a 4-2-3-1, he usually uses Augsburg striker Tobias Werner as a late game sub to add energy off the bench. Augsburg uses a rotation of attacking midfielders in their lineup, but their biggest danger is Koo Ja-Cheol, a Korean attacking midfielder who can score just as well as any center forward in the league and currently leads the team in goals.

When it comes to Augsburg's defence, there isn't much. They've used a wide rotation of defenders this year, as many players have picked up knocks or experienced periods of just terrible form. Their biggest threat at the back is Paul Verhaegh, but not because he's a elite defender, but instead because he has the second most goals on the team at 6. Other then that, there's not much to worry about with Augsburg having one of the worst defences in the Bundesliga this year.

As for our side, we will most likely play a very standard lineup. Auba will probably not travel with the team as he mourns the death of a grandparent this week, but everyone else should be fit. Ramos will play at the striker position and we may see some midfield rotation of Reus or Mkhi. With Kagawa looking good against Spurs maybe he can further try to cement his place back into the squad as he's had trouble finding minutes in 2016. Hopefully we will see Christian Pulisic off the bench again, as well as Felix Passlack who has shown quality in the U19s as well.

All in all, this should be a easy win for BVB going into the international break.