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BVB draws Liverpool in Europa League


Alex Grimm/Getty Images

BVB has drawn Liverpool in the Europa league round of 8. This of course means that BVB legend Jurgen Klopp will be making his return to Dortmund, in what is sure to be received with much fanfare. Our last season under Klopp was a struggle, but we will always love him for bring our club back to prominence in the late 2000s when he took over. Thomas Tuchel, his replacement, has made BVB a European powerhouse this season and is ready to give Liverpool trouble. Liverpool on the other hand, has been struggling this season, as they try to keep their place in the league to qualify for Europa League again.

The games will be on April 7th and the 14th with us playing the home leg first and then heading to Anfield to finish the job. Adding to the drama, we play Schalke in the game between these two fixtures. It will be very hard for TT to rest players that day, because the only thing more important then winning silverware, is crushing the boys in blue.

More to come as we get closer to the fixtures.

P.S. Liverpool fans finally get to see Reus at Anfield; just not in the way they were hoping for!