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Son gets one back for Spurs

He does love scoring against Dortmund.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Son Heung-min scored his sixth career goal against Borussia Dortmund when he capitalized on a mistake in the BVB defense to make it 2-1 on the night.

Neven Subotic tried to play a backpass for Roman Weidenfeller, but it was under-hit. Son was quick to pounce on the ball, take it past Weidenfeller, and put it into an empty net.

Credit to /u/Meladroit on Reddit.


The goal doesn't matter much as the tie is still 5-1 on aggregate in favor of Dortmund, but coaches love a clean sheet and Thomas Tuchel will certainly let his players know that their defending on the play was not good enough.

Spurs fans greeted the goal with a relatively sarcastic cheer as it has thus far been the only bright moment of what has been a pretty terrible Round-of-16 matchup from their point of view.

Let's hope this is BVB's worst defensive mistake for the rest of the tournament.