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Dortmund fans unveil anti-Super League banner

The traveling BVB fans made their opinions known.

The faithful fans who follow Borussia Dortmund all around Germany and Europe hoisted an anti-Super League banner before their Europa League Round of 16 match against Tottenham.

The Super League idea is one that has drawn much criticism across Europe. The idea is that the very top teams in Europe in terms of brand and performance would play in a Super League that would exclude most clubs in Europe. The League could also see some sort of automatic Champions League places for big teams, despite whatever their performance is during their season.

The European Club's Association is in favor of the league as they view the increased TV money in the Premier League as a threat to the other leagues and clubs of Europe.

Things in Europe are pretty fine the way they are. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Good on the Dortmund fans for loudly stating that they are against what is a really bad idea.