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This Marco Reus Goal Will Give You the Vapors

Some might have worried that Dortmund would let off against Mainz after such a dominating performance against Tottenham. Safe to say that has not happened.

Thomas Eisenhuth/Getty Images

Before you even do anything else, just look at this:

Yeah, the finish by Marco Reus was great. Hard, low, and on a line to the far post. Reus caught the keeper covering his near post and punished him. But rewind that a little bit and look at the absolute devastation Gonzalo Castro just did to the Mainz midfield. He receives the ball at midfield, out-dribbles three Mainz players, then cuts out two more with the through ball to Reus. He gets the ball with his back to goal inside his own half and that same ball is in the back of the net 9 seconds later. 9 seconds! In a game where the chances so far have been fairly thin, that is where Dortmund rise above most other teams in the league.

So, to recap: Mainz had their full team behind the ball and in decent position defensively when Gonzalo Castro received the ball. It then took less than ten seconds and one pass for Reus to put the ball in the net.

At least take me to dinner first, Dortmund.