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Why We Love Your Club: Mainz 05


Matthias Hangst/Getty Images


Mainz 05 started in 1905 obviously, and for most of its history it moved around the lower tiers of german football. Up until the 1950s they were in the lower tiers of German football. After the war they were able to get themselves into the top tier only to be sent back down when the Bundesliga was created. It was in the second tier of German football they would stay for the most part for the rest of the century.

In the 70s and early 80s Mainz had to go amateur due to financial difficulties. While many would consider that a huge failure in their history they did win the national amateur championship in 1982. In a country where amateur football is still respected, that is one of Maniz 05s greatest accomplishments as a club.

If there is one thing Mainz can be credited with in German football history, it's their line of brilliant tacticians from the 90s on. Germany was still behind the rest of Europe tactically at the time and clubs still used a libero (a single defender behind the defensive line). It was Mainz that went to the now more common flat back four that now dominates European football. Also one of the defenders in this Maniz flat back four, Jurgen Klopp.  These tactics however, never got Mainz to the Bundesliga.

The man who did get Mainz to the Bundesliga, is one we all know well. After his playing career Kloppo took over at Mainz in 2001. Kloppos pressing game and focus on physical fitness, got Mainz their first birth in the Bundesliga. He manages to keep them in the top league for a few years, but then Mainz were relegated again and Kloppo went to us so build his dynasty at BVB. After the short reign of manager Jorn Anderson, Mainz was taken over by another manager we all know pretty well, Thomas Tuchel. TT helped Mainz stay in the Bundesliga up until last season when he left the club to takeover for Klopp.


. The city of Mainz is one of Germany's carnival cities. Carnival, a months long festival that culminates in the end of winter is huge in Mainz and people from all around the world come to the city to celebrate. The club has adapted this celebratory culture and are known as one of the most positive and loudest crowds in Europe. Just listen to their goal song to see how much these fans take the carnival atmosphere to the highest level

Mainz 05 has some of the most welcoming fans in Germany. They've even gotten UEFA cup qualification before on UEFA's fair play award, which awards the most well behaved teams and fans in Europe. Mainz and BVb have good relations as clubs and we are sure to see some well wishes from the away fans to their former coach TT.