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Dortmund Fans Protest By Throwing Tennis Balls Onto The Pitch

Groups of Dortmund fans protest Stuttgart's ticket prices.

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Dortmund were up 2-1 at halftime, but their fans very nearly stole the show in Stuttgart during the first half of their DFB Pokal tie. Fans boycotted the first twenty minutes of the match in protest of Stuttgart charging €38.50 (that's over forty dollars U.S., for those keeping score) for the cheapest seats possible. Standing tickets went for €19.50. The result looked like this:

It's not exactly a walk-out at the Kop. But, not to be outdone, many fans also interrupted the game by throwing tennis balls out onto the pitch.

This last part is a bit unfortunate, as BVB will not doubt be getting an earful and possible fine for that particular incident, especially after the club gave its blessing to the 20 minute boycott. Still, would you want to pay double for a ticket when you have some of the cheapest seats in the best atmosphere on the planet at home?