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Roman Bürki Made the Bundesliga Team of the Week for Some Reason


Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

As Team of the Week lists start inevitably popping up for Week 20 from the various sites that provide such information, one name in particular stuck out to me:

In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary: come again?

Look, Roman Bürki was perfectly fine against Hertha. He had four saves and kept a clean sheet, which is a pretty good stat line for any keeper, really. This has warranted his inclusion in the Bundesliga team of the week in several different outlets. But did anyone watch that game? Because I cannot for the life of me distinguish one really notable save that he made during the game. Even Fox's highlights, which feature many of Hertha's rather dangerous chances on the break, do not show a single save that Bürki actually made. Yes. His saves were so un-noteworthy in a game in which no goals were scored that they did not warrant inclusion in the highlights, despite several shots on his goal being recorded. Was there no other keeper to put into the Team of the Week? I'm all for seeing yellow in a Team of the Week when the performance warrants it, but this seems a bit like congratulating Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un for winning the North Korean elections.