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Watch: 10,000 Dortmund Fans in Berlin

That's...that's a lot of people.

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

While the Hertha-Dortmund game has needed a little bit more quality from both sides, the same cannot be said for the away support, which I am hereby referring to as The Wandering Wall:

That is some unbelievable support away from the friendly confines of Signal Iduna. To put this in perspective, AFC Bournemouth's stadium, Dean Court, seats 11,700 people. It is the smallest stadium in the Premier League, but it's nice to know that if the Cherries ever make it to Europe, we could probably fill their stadium on our own. This is also the first time that Hertha has sold out the Olympiastadion this season, and by the look of how many defenders they're getting behind the ball, it seems like they've invited some of those fans out on the pitch. Reports of fan intervention are unconfirmed.