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Rudy Sent Off Against Dortmund On His Birthday

The Hoffenheim midfielder sees red for a poor challenge

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Sebastian Rudy is having an incredibly eventful 26th birthday. Rudy opened the scoring for Hoffenheim in the 25th minute and now has seen red in the same match.

Referee Peter Sippel was forced to bring out the red card when Rudy cut Aubameyang down from behind to stop a counter attack. Dortmund had an advantage in numbers on the break, and a trailing Rudy made sure that he stopped the danger. There was an initial moment of surprise after the card was shown, but further review showed Rudy clearly and recklessly taking Aubameyang out from behind with no attempt made to reach the ball.

Credit to /u/marcioo on /r/BorussiaDortmund


The only positive here for Rudy is that he can retreat to the dressing room and get an early start on his birthday cake. Plus with his looming suspension he can afford to put on a little bit of weight to properly celebrate his big day.