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Borussia Dortmund Draw Tottenham Hotspur in Europa League Round of 16

Well, this should be fun.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

For those of us in the Western Hemisphere, the Europa League Round of 16 draw came very early. That did not stop Europe from setting a rather loud alarm bell this morning, however:

Yes, Manchester United and Liverpool will draw all the press here (especially since winning the Europa League might be the best shot both of those teams have at the Champions League for next season), but equally as intriguing is the Black and Yellows tie with Tottenham Hotspur, perennial English also-rans that find themselves in the middle of a legitimate title challenge for the Premier League crown. Both Dortmund and Tottenham feature passionate fanbases in iconic home stadiums, as well as an attacking flair spurred (heh) on by talent grown in their respective academies and youth teams. And while Tottenham certainly will be a tougher test than FC Porto, they also have a chicken on their crest. So.

Echte Liebe.