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Copa America 2016 Draw: What it means for BVB

Not much

Lars Baron/Getty Images

The Copa America Draw is finished and the groups are set. What does that mean for the BVB players that are going to feature in the tournament? Not much, as there are maximum two players on the current squad that may feature in the cup.

The first is Adrian Ramos, our colombian striker who's fallen out of favor with TT recently.  However, he does get picked in the national team regularly, but usually rides the bench. The Colombian team that surprised at the 2014 World Cup hasn't been very good since, and maybe as a result, Ramos could bring some life into the squad as a second striker.

The second player who may feature in the squad, but would be a huge surprise if he did, America's very own Christian Pulisic. With a US team that's been struggling the past year and a coach who focuses on developing youngsters, there is a chance the 17 year old may be picked for the squad. If he is picked he most likely would be an attacking sub for the Red, White and Blues. Maybe TT can convince his countryman Juergen Klinsmann that Pulisic would be worth the roster spot. Also BVB is the best club that an any american in the world plays for, so he has that going for him.

If both these players feature, they also would meet on the pitch as Colombia and the USA are both in group A. that would be fun to watch at least even if they did both come on as 80+ min subs.