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I'm done with this.
I'm done with this.
Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

Bizarre situation just happened in the Bayer Arena. After a foul, that Kiessling clearly did, Dortmund get a free kick. They take it quickly leading to an Aubameyang goal. Kiessling and Schmidt are not having it. Kiessling runs up to the ref protesting that he was fouled and that the goal should never have been allowed. Now, there's very little information as of writing this, however apparently the ref tells Kiessling to tell his coach to go to the stands. Schmidt questions this and refuses. All of a sudden, the officials walked off...

I'm seriously confused. I do not think anyone, anyone has ever seen this happen. Ever.

However, apparently the game is not over!! From what we're hearing, the teams will have to go back into the tunnel and walk out again. The game will also continue if Schmidt goes to the stands.

This is messy.

The CEO's and media directors are on it, trying to calm the ref and get this game going again!

UPDATE: The game has continued and Rudi Voeller is now Bayers coach. This is entertaining.