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American Prospect, Pulisic in starting 11

Remember it

Impressive Touches
Impressive Touches
Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

Remember this day. Today, Feb 21. 2016, marks the day that american youngster Christian Pulisic got his first starting eleven call up. You read that right. The 17 year old shocked everyone by earning a first team spot over the christmas break, having continually impressed in pre-season test matches. His continued improvement earned him his first few minutes in the Bundesliga playing against FC Ingolstadt. Christian was subbed in the 68th minute and immediately showed his potential in the attack. In the next game, Pulisic came on in the 71 minute against Herta and almost got himself an assist.

In a previous interview, Thomas Tuchel called Pulisic "an integral part of the team." Impressive words for a 17 year old, whom no one really knew before the break.

Pulisic jersey are now available for sale and BVB total had a little interview with Pulisic, talking about how to properly pronounce his name, among other things.