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Baby Bee Report: BVB U-17s Win Team of the Year

Yay! The babies are real good, but we knew that already didn't we?

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Our U-17 Team has been named Dortmund's youth team of the year. This is after we won the U-17 league this past year. It's only fair we are given this award, after the convincingly display of the boys in the league.

Two major players of our U-17 team, at least for a time, were Christian Pulisic and Felix Passlack, who have both since moved their way up to the men's first team. These two impressive youngsters were apart of the impressive U-17's, who now mostly compete in the U-19 Ssde. Passlack was third in the player of the year category as well.

Below are some videos and picture from the award ceremony, including some fancy footwork from Felix Passlack.