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Dortmund Fans Hoist Another Legendary Tifo

The fans in the famous Yellow Wall have done it again.

Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

Dortmund fans unveiled another magnificent Tifo before their Europa League Round of 32 match with FC Porto at the Westfalenstadion.

The display was styled like a photo-album and featured various trophies that BVB have won, and players who have featured in the past. The message on the Tifo implored Dortmund to "Complete the Album" by winning the Europa League.

BVB notably won the UEFA Champions League in 1997, but they have never been champions of the Europa League or its predecessor tournaments. Karl Heinz-Riedle, a member of that 1997 side, is pictured in the bottom left.

Thomas Tuchel and his players are going through in the competition as things stand, but there is still a second leg in Porto looming next Thursday. If BVB do find their way to a Europa League title, the fans in the Yellow Wall will have to make another version of the album completely filled out.