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Surprise of the Year: Nuri is Back!

The Dortmund midfielder returns after a lengthy absence.

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Lads, he's back in the squad. After a long long long long time recovering from his injury, the 27 year old bumblebee is back in our starting line up against Porto. It's been 355 days since the Turkish international last appeared for us. It's definitely been an adjustment for TT to make the team work without him, however it seemed to work.

His appearance today against Porto comes as a surprise, regardless, his return is being celebrated by BVB fans around the world. His last appearance was on the 28th of February 2015 against our league rivals Schalke, whom we destroyed 3:0.

He will be replacing Guendogan, who is out with a cold as is Weidenfeller.

If Sahin can return to his form of years gone by it would be an incredible, and unexpected, boost to Dortmund's squad.

To early to say comeback of the year?