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Player Rating: Dortmund vs. Hannover

Fairly boring, but entertaining.

Early minute chance
Early minute chance
Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

The bustling city of Dortmund increased by roughly 30 people as the visiting guest Hannover 96, came for a Bundesliga match in our Signal Iduna Park. The game looked as if it would end in a zero zero tie, however Mkhitaryan’s strike, brought home the three points. Thought Aubameyang didn’t lace up his boots, his presence in the stadium did not go unnoticed, with his audition for the new Zoolander movie.

Buerki 6: There wasn’t all too much to do from our resident keeper. A few attacks saw him touch the ball relatively little, allowing him to keep the ball out of his nett for yet another game.

Piszczek 6: Another strong rendition from the Pole, further validating TT confidence in his choice.

Subotic 6: Solid game.

Hummels 6: As usual "unser Kapitän" kept our defense solid. He didn’t try lobbing Bürki this time, so thats a plus.

Schmelzer 6: Did what he had to do, and did that well.

Ginter 8: Ginter had a very strong game, however had to be subbed out for Weigl, as he seemed to have injured himself. TT claimed in the presser afterwards that he didn’t believe it was something too serious.  *here’s us hoping*

Weigl 6: Did well coming in for Ginter. Had his usual solid passing game.

Guendogan 8: Another beautiful game by the German international. He had a few chances to put the ball into the nett, and was visibly frustrated with himself for missing. However, he still distributed the ball well and was key in our attempted attacking yesterday.

Kagawa 7: Fell under the radar a bit. Solid none the less.

Mkhitaryan 9: The goal scorer. The Armenian international played beautifully again, scoring in the 57 minute to put us ahead. He was latter subbed out for Durm, allowing him to rest and catch his breath for the important game against FC Porto on Thursday.

Durm 7: It’s always a pleasure to watch him play. Was subbed in for M. and played well.

Castro 6: Good, subbed out for Pulisic.

Pulisic 7: The american wonder kid came on for his third first team appearance. It’s amazing what this can show us in the little playing time he sees. He beautiful kept the ball in play on the side lines, and even got a deadly placed cross into the box, however Hannovers defender was not to be fooled and got there just before Reus could.

Reus 8: Reus, Reus, Reus. What’s there to say. Had a chance to score in the early minutes of the game, not getting enough power on a impossible shot to take. He was vital in our attacking game and as always was involved in most threats to Hannovers goal.