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Is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang the best striker in the world?

It’s not as crazy as it sounds!

Hamburger SV v Borussia Dortmund - Bundesliga Photo by Stuart Franklin/Bongarts/Getty Images

Last Saturday saw Dortmund suffer another setback in the Bundesliga. The 2-1 loss to Frankfurt was particularly disappointing as it came on the back of an impressive 1-0 victory over Bayern. Classic.

Dortmund faltered, as they often have against some of the Bundesliga’s smaller teams when given the opportunity to make up ground on the leaders. But lost in the shuffle was that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang didn’t miss a beat as he continued a historic start to his season.

Auba’s goal was his 13th in the league this season. That means that right now the Gabon international is tied as the leading scorer in any of Europe’s major leagues.

He’s tied with PSG’s Edinson Cavani, but he’s scored more goals than everybody else. Robert Lewandowski was the league’s top scorer last year, but with only 7 goals so far he’s behind Aubameyang and Koln’s breakout star Anthony Modeste.

Lewandowski is often recognized as the best striker in Germany, but if Bayern Munich truly are weaker than usual this year his numbers will take a hit. Lewa was feeding on some incredible service last year.

Meanwhile PEA has 6 goals in his last three Bundesliga matches. The 4 goals against Hamburg inflate this, but that’s still an insane stat. And does anyone really doubt his ability to get a couple more this weekend against a struggling Monchengladbach?

This could end up being Aubameyang’s best season at BVB yet...and he scored 25 goals in the league last year.

Part of the reason he’s so good is that his skill-set is favorable towards consistency as a striker. He’s probably one of the fastest five players in all of Europe. A forward can have stretches of poor finishing or poor touch, but when you’re scoring goals because of pure speed that is tough to lose.

His pace is just unfair.

I’m not a football historian by any means, but has there even been an elite striker as fast as Auba? Sure there have been many great and quick players, but we live during a peak in sports training and medicine. Aubameyang today may be on a whole new level.

You can disagree, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to say he’s the best striker in the world at the moment. That title is usually attributed to Barcelona’s Luis Suarez, but even he’s been a little down this year compared to his own standards.

There are a lot of great strikers in this discussion, but Auba deserves some recognition. Not from clubs like Real Madrid wanting to buy him, but from UEFA and FIFA. Give this man an award and a spot in the Team Of The Year!

Now Dortmund just need the rest of the squad to step up so Aubameyang’s heroics don’t go to waste!