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The Daily Bee (November 25, 2016): New DFL guidelines for the money distribution

Money, money, money

FC Bayern Muenchen v Hannover 96 - Bundesliga Photo by Matthias Hangst/Bongarts/Getty Images
  • DFL presents new rules for the distribution of their TV-deals

You might've heard that the Bundesliga has a new TV-deal begining after this season and running through 4 years. The deal will bring 4,64€ billion to the Bundesliga, a hefty sum. Until now the DFL considered only 2 criteria when it came to distributing the money to the clubs, a base amount for every club and a performance-related financing.

The new model has changed and considers now 4 different criteria:

- Performance-related financing, but it takes into account the past 5 years. The placement of the most recent season will count fivefold, the one before that fourfold, etc. This will decide where 70% of the money will end up, the first placed club will get 5,8% while the last will get no less than 2,9%.

- 23% of the money will be distributed by taking into account another five-year evaluation of the clubs with the difference being that the second Bundesliga will also be considered in this category. Here the first 6 clubs will get 6,5%.

- 5% of the money will be distributed by considering the placements over the last 20 years of the first and second Bundesliga.

- The 2% that are left will be distributed depending on the minutes of U23 players in your team. Foreign players will have to be registered in the club before they turn 18 to count towards those minutes while German players have no restrictions other than being under 23 years of age of course. (As an example Weigl counts even though he didn't come from BVBs youth academy. Pulisic counts too because he was under 18 when he joined BVB while Dembélé wouldn't count)

For BVB those changes probably won't affect them that much, they will probably be in second place for the first three categories behind Bayern Munich for the foreseeable future. The youth-category is very interesting but with only 2% it will probably not be a major factor in the end even though the black and yellows will be in the upper tier of that one.

  • Here's a video of Neven Subotic's goal

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