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Match Report: BVB Beat Bayern Munich in Classic Rivalry Game

Borussia Dortmund v Bayern Muenchen - Bundesliga Photo by Stuart Franklin/Bongarts/Getty Images

WELL THAT WAS FUN. BVB beat Bayern Munich 1-0 on Saturday. This was our first Bundesliga win against the Bavarian giants in 3 years. Aubameyang scored the opening goal in the 11th minute and it proved to be all we would need to secure the three points.

BVB dominated the game the opening 25 minutes grabbing chance after chance, leaving Bayern with few options. Our goal came in the 11th minute when Auba knocked in a Gotze pass past Manuel Neuer. The Gotze pass was great as he collected the ball then nutmegged ex-BVB captain Hummels for the assist. That nutmeg assist undoubtedly will convert even the staunchest Gotze haters. The rest of the half shifted the other way, as Bayern had chance after chance until the 45th.

The second half continued the same way the first half ended. Bayern controlled a lot of the possession and the game from then on. BVB had some good chances, including an Aubameyang break away that I still can’t believe isn’t a goal. The closest chance all game from Lewy, whose header at the end REALLY looked like it was going in but the black and yellows lucked out. Other then that he was mostly shut down. The end of the game started to get chippy as Ribery decided to attack as many players he could find in the last 15 mins.

A lot of BVB players stepped up big time this game. Burki had maybe his best game in a BVB kit as he stopped shot after shot. He did have a terrible lapse where he let a Alonso shot almost go in while he watched, but other then that he was a brick wall. Gotze was out for blood today and not only created some amazing chances but played what may be the best defense of his career. Sokratis and Bartra played rough, but stopped the flood of Bayern shots from getting in. Even Ramos was playing like a first team midfielder(?) which is something I never thought I’d say only a few hours ago.

Durm came back today to make his season debut at the end of the game. He played well in the minutes he was on and he should now add some much needed breathing room to BVB’s depth chart. While a 5-3-2 seemed like an odd idea from Tuchel it worked. We played defense when we needed and were able to press well and win balls that created chances. Overall a great game from BVB, maybe our best of the season. Tuchel had a game plan and everyone played exactly how they needed to and then some. Now for Warsaw in the UCL.