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The Daily Bee (November 17, 2016): How should we line-up against Bayern Munich?

It isn't a question IF we're gonna win just HOW are we gonna do it

Borussia Dortmund v Sporting Clube de Portugal - UEFA Champions League Photo by Simon Hofmann/Bongarts/Getty Images

T-minus 2 days.

Since there aren't a lot of newsworthy things happening right now it might be time to speculate about our possible lineup in Der Klassiker on Saturday. Most of the players are back from injuries and to the surprise of everybody nobody got injured during the international break, hooray! This means Thomas Tuchel has a few possibilities when it comes to the starting line-up, let's take a look at some possibilities.

  • 4-1-4-1

This is basically the line-up that Tuchel has been using this season. The advantage would be that the players should be familiar with this system. Although the real question is if that line-up is good against Bayern. It is fairly risky because it leaves the full-backs mostly alone against Robben and Ribery, they would have to contain them in one-on-one situations all game which is a dangerous proposition. In addition the midfield would probably cause trouble for the Bavarian back-line but it's also fairly open. Neither Götze nor Castro are known for their defensive prowess and Weigl, while being a DM has his strengths in build-up play and not on defense.

The players obviously could change in this particular line-up. If Schmelzer is ready to go, Tuchel could move Guerreiro into the Castro-spot. The Portuguese international has been excellent at the start of the season in that position and a Schmelzer-Robben pairing would make me a lot more comfortable.

Schürrle will likely start on the left wing, Reus will be in the squad and hopefully play a few minutes but he won't start which leaves the right wing up for grabs. It will either be Dembélé or Pulisic who get the nod. Personally I'd take Pulisic because of his willingness to help on defense and his superior decision making compared to the Frenchman but I have a feeling that Tuchel will go with Dembélé.

  • 3-6-1

The 3-man back-line is used sparingly by coach Tuchel but he did use it a few times against Bayern. It is a line-up specifically used to shut down Bayern's wingers because it allows the CBs to help cover the full-backs and possibly double Robben/Ribery. The problem is that our build-up would suffer in this scenario. There would be a lot of pressure on the wingers and the "10" to create danger on their own.

Ginter would be the third man at CB in that line-up, since he has played a lot of games this season he should be in good shape. This line-up could suit Guerreiro better, it leaves him less exposed on defense and allows him to move up a bit more and be more involved on offense. Dembélé might be the better choice at winger here, because he is better at creating chances on his own as opposed to Pulisic who is better when he has some support for some quick passing-combination.

  • The wildcard

Ladies and Gentleman, this is what I personally think is our best possible line-up. It's very unlikely that we'll see it happen on Saturday but you never know with Thomas Tuchel. Reus and Schmelzer aren't ready to start (probably) and Ginter is our best RB but Tuchel doesn't agree. It would be a huge risk to start those 11 players but it would be a surprise, one that might even catch Ancelotti off-guard.

Daily Buzz: So which line-up do you prefer and how would you play against Bayern?