Mkhi back on loan in January?

Manchester United has treated Mkhitaryan horribly. Mkhi has barely played, let alone start, for the club he left Dortmund for. Sure, we were all a bit angry and sad to see our favorite Armenian run for the exit. Seeing how Mkhi is entering the prime of his career, I don't blame him for trying to build a career on the biggest stage in Europe.

Apparently Tuchel might be trying to steal Mkhi back during January seeing how Mourinho has barely acknowledged his existence. Watzke's close relationship with Mourinho might be able to leverage us a deal, but Manchester United's owners and board members will hardly be happy at the waste of money spent on Mkhi without an end product, and the fact that Mourinho is giving up on that project so soon.

Seeing how close Tuchel and Mkhi are, I wouldn't be surprised to see Mkhi ushered back during the winter. The question is, who would be pushed out of the picture? We could push Mkhi into the center, into a role that could manage to replace a lot of Gündogan's ingenuity and creativity. Meanwhile that would push either Rode, Castro, and Kagawa further onto the bench and out of Tuchel's plans. Keeping the development of Pulisic, Mor, and Dembele is vital for our future, and Mkhi might condense the opportunities for some of the wingers on our squad, seeing as we haven't even mentioned Schürrle and Reus. I think that if Tuchel is planning some sort of a reunion with his favorite player, he plans to plug Mkhi into the middle of the formation, and our most vulnerable area. Mkhi has played that position in the past, and he offers more experience at that position than Guerrero, and vastly more talent that Castro.

I would love to see this happen, but this entire rumor is being kicked around by the English media, meaning it probably won't happen. Watzke and Tuchel stated that they won't go back for Mkhi if he left, but they might be able to walk back their words if they can get him for cheap on loan, or for a transfer less than what Manchester United payed for him.

What are your thoughts?