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UPDATED: Running List of Foreign Dortmund Fans Clubs

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Sporting Clube de Portugal v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Champions League Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images

Life can be hard for a BVB fan living abroad. The Black and Yellows are not supported abroad nearly as much as the teams in the English Premier League and the Spanish giants and therefore it’s hard to find fans to watch the game with. Since there is currently no list anywhere of all the current independent BVB fan clubs outside of Germany, we want to try and get a list together.

So are you a part of an international BVB fan club? Tell us in the comments or DM us on Twitter. Make sure to include the contact information for how interested fans can reach you.

If there is no fan club in your city, you could always try and start one. Feel free to try and find other BVB fans from your area to watch the games with at the local pub.

**Special thanks to BVB in DC for getting this list updated via Twitter, copied most of this from you!

United States:

BVB Atlanta

Where they meet: Henry’s Midtown Tavern

Contact info: Twitter, email

Charm City BVB, Baltimore

Where they Meet: Crossbar
Contact Info: Twitter, Facebook

BVB Boston

Where they Meet: The Banshee

Contact Info: Twitter

Brooklyn Borussen, NYC

Where they Meet: Banter Brooklyn

Contact Info: Twitter

Indianapolis 09

Where they Meet: Union Jack Pub

Contact Info: Twitter

Die Brunnenstadt BVB, Kansas City

Where they Meet: KCBierco in Kansas City

Contact Info: Twitter, Facebook

Borussia Dortmund Los Angeles (BVBLA)

Where they Meet: LA Draught

Contact Info: Facebook, Website, Email

1. BVB MKE, Milwaukee

Where they Meet: The Highbury

Contact Info: Twitter

BVB Orlando

Where they Meet: Murphy’s Pub

Contact Info: Twitter

RVA BVB, Richmond

Where they Meet: Penny Lane Pub

Contact Info: Twitter

BVB San Diego

Where the meet: The Goalkeeper

Contact Info: Facebook

Borussia Von Bay, San Francisco

Where they Meet: Danny Coyle’s

Contact Info: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Borussia STL, St. Louis

Where they Meet: Amsterdam Tavern

Contact Info: Twitter

Cascadia Dortmund, Seattle

Where they Meet: The George and Dragon Pub

Contact Info: Twitter, Facebook

BVB in DC, Washington DC

Where they Meet: Across the Pond

Contact Info: Twitter, Facebook


BVB Supporters Norge

Where they Meet:

Contact Info: Twitter, Facebook, Website

Borussia Dortmund Romania

Where they Meet: Halftime Sports Pub (Bucharest)

Contact Info: Website, Twitter

BVB Vietnam Fanclub

Contact Info: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

BVB Nepal

Contact Info: Facebook

BVB Israel

Contact Info: Facebook

Borussia Dortmund Fanclub London

Contact Info: Facebook

BVB Fan Club Ungarn (Hungary)

Where they meet: Liquid Rock Pub

Contact Info: Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Website

Borussia Mexico

Contact Info: Website, Twitter

BVB Fans Netherlands

Contact info: Facebook

BVB Honduras

Where they Meet: Incanta Cafe

Contact Info: Twitter