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Match Preview: Dortmund Looks to Pick Up Momentum Against Union Berlin in Pokal

FC Ingolstadt 04 v Borussia Dortmund - Bundesliga Photo by Marc Mueller/Bongarts/Getty Images

After disappointing ties to Ingolstadt and Hertha, we have what SHOULD be as easy fixture against Union Berlin in the Pokal. Sokratis and Nuri Sahin are fit for the game on Wednesday, which should be enough to fix up our defence to what it should be. Dembele,Pulisic and Aubameyang are all doubtful for the game, leaving us without many options in the attack.

Union Berlin are doing well again this year, sitting second on the 2 Bundesliga table. Even they don't have American Bobby Wood anymore, they still have alot of threats in attack. Forwards Collin Quaner and Steven Skrzybski have 12 goals between them in the generally low scoring 2 Bundesliga. Berlin play an attacking style football and may not be scared to come after us early, especially after our last game. But they still are a team of second tier quality players, even though they are very organized their quality may show. BVB and Union Berlin fans also have a very friendly relationship, with BVB playing a friendly in January against Berlin this year to celebrate their 50th birthday.

Here is the BVB twitter accounts expected lineups(which aren't always right)

That attack looks....not great. Kagwa and Castro have been cold as ice this year. Gotze has been on and off this whole year. Mor has let his youth show more often then not. And Ramos only just came back from injury, although he did score over the weekend. It’s good to see Passlack in the lineup which changed the game for us against Ingolstadt.

Weigl will be one to watch this match. After having a dreadful month, he needs to find his form again. He’s been losing possession with ease and his pass completion hasn’t been at the ridiculous levels it was last season. He has proven to be one of the most important if not most important players on the team. When he plays bad, the whole team is playing bad.

Of course maybe we’ll have the kind of game that we were expecting a month ago, scoring goal after goal without problem. Whatever happen im sure it will be interesting, one way or another.