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BVB-Sporting Champions League Highlights and Review

Sporting Clube de Portugal v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Champions League Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images

BVB returns to form as they beat Sporting Club in the Champions League 2-1. The goals came from Aubameyang (9’) and Weigl (43’). The Sporting goal came on an indirect free kick from Bruno Cesar (67’). This was Weigl’s first goal in balck and yellow and boy it was a howler. For a detailed review of the first half check here.

The second half went much differently for BVB. After a lot of back and forth for the 20 minutes, BVB conceded one of their most bone headed goals this year.

Bartra and Buerki connected for an illegal backpass, which is something footballers learn not to do when they are still kids. Then Sporting scored on the indirect free kick which if you watch the highlight should not have counted as the ball didn’t make a full rotation after being touched.

The momentum changed a good deal after this, with BVB lacking chances in the next 10 minutes and Sporting keeping up the pressure. Lots of yellows, dives and such happened for the last 15 mins, with Piz and Rode coming on for Bartra and Ginter as our subs. For Sporting, Costa Rica national Joel Campbell made lots of good runs towards the end. Another thing of note, is the ref gave a second yellow but not a red card to Schelotto which was odd. Sporting started playing very rough in the closing minutes of the game but it was all for naught. In the closing minutes Burnic also came on for Passlack, making his debut for BVB.


BVB Goal 1 Aubameyang 9’

BVB Goal 2 Weigl 43’

Sporting Goal 67’