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Borussia Dortmund 1-1 Hertha Berlin: Player Ratings

Not a good performance from anyone in black and yellow

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Dortmund's starting line-up had an average age of 22.5 years old today, and it showed. The team struggled to penetrate an admittedly stout Hertha defense, while also displaying an annoying amount of immaturity. Here are our player ratings.

Bürki 6: Dortmund's goalkeeper didn't have much to do for most of the game, and it's hard to fault him for the goal. It was a one on one with no other defenders in sight, making him nearly blameless.

Passlack 6: Operated the right center back for most of the match in a back three. Picked up a yellow card early, but is a better passer than the injured Piszczek, and is close to becoming a better all around player.

Ginter 6: Played a solid game, but could have gotten tighter on Ibisevic before his back heeled assist to Stocker for the opening goal

Merino 7: Certainly not a bad Bundesliga debut, and played a brilliant ball to Dembele that assisted the equalizer. Should have marked Stocker better on the goal, but gets a higher rating than Ginter here for his contribution to the equalizer, and for performing decently after being thrown into the fire.

Schmelzer 5: Not his best game playing further forward on the left wing and didn't combine well with Emre Mor. Unfortunately came off injured, but on the bright side, gave Park Joo-Ho his season debut.

Weigl 6: Not effective when paired with Sebastian Rode, but at least he was able to spread the ball out and be somewhat forward thinking.

Rode 3: His worst game in a Dortmund shirt. He struggles against teams that effectively pressure our distributors, and doesn't pair well with Weigl, and it showed. Could hardly play a forward pass, and struggled to pass at all under pressure.

Götze 4: Kagawa had more touches than Mario, even though came on in the 60th minute. He's another player that struggles in a Weigl-Rode doppelsechs, and struggled to find a way into the game.

Pulisic 7: Dortmund's lone bright spot in the first half, making nice runs and crosses. He continues to impress, but seemingly got tired towards the end of the game.

Mor 5: Not a terrible performance, but struggles like Dembélé with decision making in the final third. Showed a lot of immaturity when he pushed over Langkamp and got himself sent off -- he is 19 years old after all.

Aubameyang 5: Scored the equalizer, but could have had three more. Missed a penalty, attempted a chip when the keeper was begging for it to be rolled in, and struggled to get into the game in the first half.


Kagawa 6: Probably should have started over either Götze or Rode. This was probably his best substitute appearance of the season, and may find himself back in the line up with all these injuries.

Dembélé 7: Very lively after coming on in the 60th minute, and assisted the equalizer. Like Mor, he showed immaturity by back talking to the referee, earning himself a yellow card.

Park --: Came on too late to get a rating.