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No Transfers says Watzke

Welp - The curse of our founding.

Mika Volkmann/Getty Images

Watzke has made it official; there will be no signings during this window. On Sky Sports 90 he told the audience to take their reporter off of the transfer wire because nothing is going to happen. However, he did say that BVB was going to target Merino in the summer transfer window, so at least we now have at least 1 confirmed target in the future. Earlier today we posted an article discussing whether we would need to sign other players. In retrospect most of the players we were aiming for wouldn't have been able to fit in the squad right away, needing time to adjust to Tuchel's system. Also, this allows more chances for the youngsters like American superhero Christian Pulisic and Felix Passlack. Let's just hope nobody else gets hurt, because we really don't want to see Ramos on the wing ever again (really). Now at least we can stop worrying over every little rumor that flies around the internet and just focus on the next game against Hertha.