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Dortmund 2-0 Ingolstadt: Player Ratings

Dortmund might've been a bit lucky, but in the end came away with three points. It was a tough game for everyone, with the substitutes making the difference in the game.

The gang celebrates Aubameyang securing the win for Dortmund
The gang celebrates Aubameyang securing the win for Dortmund
Lars Baron/Getty Images

In a hard fought 2-0 win at home, the performance was about as good as the weather was. The rain poured during the whole game, and the conditions certainly had an affect on Dortmund's performance. That said, the 2-0 win is a bit flattering, and Ingolstadt will rightly argue it was undeserved. But what's done is done, and here's our player ratings!

Burki 6: Burki made a couple good saves in the first half, but also had another major gaff when he came out of the box on a long ball that put Ingolstadt through on goal. In the end, Ginter and Hummels cleared the danger, sparing Burki's blushes.

Piszczek 7: The Polish fullback was one of the few players who actually impressed on the day, looking pretty good on the right. He delivered an inch perfect cross to find Aubameyang, assisting the first goal. Ingolstadt didn't offer much attack throughout the game, so Piszczek didn't have too much to do defensively.

Sokratis 6: The Greek defender nearly scored earlier in the first half on a free kick, but it went over the bar. He could've done a little better on the long ball that gifted Ingolstadt their best chance of the game, but other than that there wasn't much to be asked of him.

Hummels 6: Hummels did not have a bad game, but did nearly give up a penalty when Ingolstadt were through on goal, but it wasn't called and Ginter saved the ball from going into the back of the net. Hummels worst moment of the match was when he was under pressure in the second half, and chipped Burki on a pass back to our keeper. It had striking similarities to the Christoph Kramer own goal, but luckily this one was disallowed as he was controversially fouled after he passed the ball back.

Durm 6: This was Durm's first start since the end of last season, and he certainly looked better than Park did last week. Durm was in on goal late in the game, and had a one on one with the keeper, but chose to pass, when he really should've finished it himself. He shouldn't be taking much time away from Schmelzer, but he's a solid back-up and proved that he's an option for us today.

Weigl 5: This wasn't anywhere near Weigl's best performance, and was another player who the weather seemed to affect. He came off in the 55th minute after picking up a yellow card and not providing much else.

Ginter 5: This was Ginter's second start in defensive midfield this season I believe, with the other coming against Wolfsburg. His big contribution was clearing the ball that was rolling into the back of the net. He should be able to grow into the role as he gets more playing time there, and hopefully he can learn from this game.

Mkhitaryan 5: This was one of Mkhitaryan's worst games of the season, being anonymous pretty much throughout the whole match. Ingolstadt did well to take Mkhitaryan out of the game, with the Armenian not contributing much at all.

Kagawa 4: This was a bad day for nearly all of Dortmund's attackers, and probably Kagawa's worst of the season. He struggled to find much space in Ingolstadt's defense, and also came off in the 55th minute.

Ramos 3: This game was a chance for Ramos to show that he can play on the wing, but he showed that he's pretty much incompetent. He looked terrible, with his touches being out of control, and missing a huge chance in the first half. It's unlikely we'll sign any attacker at the end of the transfer window, so we're going to need Ramos to do a little better than he did today.

Aubameyang 7: Aubameyang didn't do anything spectacular, but his quality was visible after the 75th minute, scoring two goals that got us the three points. The first was slightly offside, but the linesman didn't catch it and Aubameyang headed home. The second goal was a nice finish we've come to expect from the Gabon man. In a game where no one really played well, Aubameyang is our man of the match.


Castro 7: After coming on in the 55th minute, Castro came on and did well to affect the game. He assisted the second goal, and looks like he'll compete with Kagawa for starts.

Leitner 7: He also came on in the 55th minute, and looked particularly sharped considering it was his first Bundesliga appearance this season. If he continues to play like that, he'll see much more time on the pitch. Tuchel had been talking him up in recent weeks, and Leitner rewarded him, as he and Castro changed the game.

Pulisic 7: Wow. Pulisic, 17 years old, came on in the 68th minute and looked immediately like a game changing player. He played on the left, coming on for Ramos, and looked a hell of a lot better than the experienced Colombian did. This was an encouraging debut for the American, and he'll likely see more playing time if no one new comes in at the end of the transfer window.