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Match Prediction Game: Ingolstadt


Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

The Staff at FTW has decided to do a season long guessing game for all BVB matches. The way the game works is simple, you get 1 point for guessing the games scoreline correctly (For Example, 4-0), 1 point for guessing the result (win/draw/loss) and 1 point for guessing the game's first goal scorer. Below are the writers picks and we encourage you to make your own in the comments, as we will tally them throughout the season.

Brian Meyers: Win, 2-0, Mkhitaryan scores first

Angelo Sylvester: Win, 3-0, Aubameyang

Mark Chadwick: Win,  3-0, Aubameyang

Alex Greenberg: Win, 3-1, Reus

Adam Snavely: Win, 3-0, Aubameyang

Marco Lange: Win, 3-1, Guendogan