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Why We Love Your Club: FC Ingolstadt

This is the first in a series where we discuss what makes the Bundesliga the best league in the world, The clubs and their Fans. This week we will be discussing newcomers FC Ingolstadt.

Adam Pretty/Getty Images


FC Ingolstadt hasn't exactly been around for awhile compared to most other Bundesliga clubs. They were officially started in 2004 when ESV Ingolstadt went bankrupt and merged with HSV Ingolstadt. HSV are the biggest club in the city and the reason the name was not kept was that the agreement fused the teams under a separate football team while HSV still operated the club's other sport teams. From then on the team has bounced around the top 4 leagues, being in the 2. Bundesliga sine 2010. Last season they were the champions of the 2. Bundesliga on a strong scoring performance of 53 total goals as well as only 4 total losses. This is their first season in the Bundesliga and have impressed so far sitting 10th in the table on a defensive record that's tied for 2nd in the league.


Die Schanzer as they're called have a pretty great culture even thought their club is young. Most of the traditions come from combinations of the two previous clubs. The name Die Schanzer means trenchmen coming from the the miltiary history of the city. They also have a cool rock song as their anthem performed by a Ingolstadt based rock band.


Although FC Ingolstadt are a young club, they are also located in the youngest city in Germany.This means the fans are generally younger than most Bundesliga Clubs and therefore much more active than your average BundLi fan. Known for their love of flares and hard rock they have the atmosphere similar to the "kult" clubs that populate the country. Also for being a small club, they do have a fair amount of fans that travel the country for away games.

Other Fun Facts:

  • They are a Bavarian team and Ingolstadt is in the Munich metropolitan area, so they do have a rivalry with Klassiker rival Bayern Munich
  • The town of Ingolstadt is where the Illuminati was founded (not even joking).
  • They have a absolutely beautiful stadium on the outside and inside
  • Their mascot is a dragon, that symbolises how the city has always been able to withstand enemy sieges.