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Mikel Merino to BVB?

Looks like we are adding depth at the CM

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

Spain weeks continues here at BVB as another unconfirmed rumor circulates. According to Kicker, Mikel Merino will be signing for Dortmund in the next coming days. The 19-year old youngster has previously linked up with the other Spaniard rumored to be joining us, winning the U19 World Cup together.

Upon questioning on Wednesday night, Sporting Direktor Michael Zorc refused to confirm Dortmund’s first winter signing. According to the article, Kicker has managed to get information claiming the four-million-euro transfer is immanent. However, other reports by Marca have claimed that just before the deal was meant to be signed, Osasuna decided that the money offered was not enough.

The left footed Merino appeared 21 times for the Spanish second league team, netting once. For a nineteen-year-old second league and central defensive midfielder, that tally is not bad.

If the youngster does join our ranks, we should see him play central defensively with Weigl or Sahin. As we previously published, we believe that Dortmund need further depth, and this would greatly boost our defensive side. It remains to be seen what actually happened, but one thing is for sure; I'm excited.