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Óliver Torres joining the Lads?

I want this to be true.

Chipping the keeper
Chipping the keeper
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

One of Atletico Madrid’s finest youngsters is expected to make his move from the Spanish giants to the Bundesliga. According to Gianluca Di Marizo, Óliver Torres is expected to join our lads in black and yellow over the next few days.

Having previously spent a stint on loan at Porto last season, picking up valuable Champions League experience and becoming a regular choice for coach Julen Lopetegui, he has found his return to the Rojiblancos to be rather challenging. Torres has only managed eight first team starts, resulting in him voicing his frustration. The 21-year-old playmaker has been frustrated with the limited game time he has received at his main club, fueling rumors of his impending departure.

There is very little information about the deal, leading some to believe he may only be joining for a short term loan, whereas others believe he will be joining on a longer term basis. From Atletico’s perspective a loan would make much more sense, as they have recently been handed a transfer ban. Loaning out the youngster would allow them to call him back, if any of their main players found them selves on a stretcher rather than the pitch. As it currently stands, Torres would be signing a contract until 2020.

Reportedly, Dortmund aren’t the only interested party in signing him. AS Roma have apparently kept one eye fixed on the youngster’s time at Porto. Sources claim that Torres wanted to join the Bundesliga over the Serie A. As of writing this, there is no word on the expected transfer fee, however I believe it would have to be a substantial amount, as the Spaniards would be transferring one of their best youngsters.

We will have more for you as the story develops.