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Players should be careful when joining the Premier League

Watzke clearly doesn't like the EPL...

The boss looking angry
The boss looking angry
Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Hans-Joachim Watzke hasn’t been afraid to voice his opinion of the evil league on the Isle of the rich. In his latest escapade, he was warning potential players that have been thinking of moving across the water of the different realities that could be waiting for them, claiming the league ‘squeezes its players like lemons.’

With the recent brain drain the Bundesliga has witnessed, loosing the legend that was Basti and the spectacular footwork that De Bruyne brought to Wolfsburg, the Bundesliga is in the sights of the English once again. Mats Hummels and Aubameyang both have had their name circulate the press recently about their impending departure from the spectacular Bundesliga to the over-hyped, over-glorified, overly expensive, and overly-uninteresting EPL. Hummels has been linked with the boring Manchester United, whereas Aubameyang has been rumored to join the never winning squad of Arsene Wenger.

Hans-Joachim Watzke told the Bild am Sonntag that players should keep more things in mind when thinking of transferring than just the ridiculous amounts of money they stand to rake in.

Below are a few quotes pulled from the article.

"The players are squeezed there, often like a lemon"

"They are given hardly any rhythm in their game.

"Professionals who reflect on something more than just what arrives at the end of the month in their pursue will take this into account when making a decision."

"If you would judge on the amount of salary it would always be a difficult race to win"

"But it's not. I have watched a lot of Premier League football over the Christmas holidays. I do not feel that the level is increased there, especially considering how the expenditures have risen. "