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4 Ridiculously, Crazy, Preposterous Predictions for the Ruckrunde

Never Hurts To Think Big

Martin Rose/Getty Images

Below are a couple of fun predictions. They are all absolute stretches, but let a guy dream.

Aubameyang either ties or gets within a stone's throw of Gerd Muellers Scoring Record

Now there has been hype for this all season with Auba getting 18 goals in the Hinrunde, but to get Gerd's record he needs 22 more to get the 40. Why I really think he can get 38-40 goals in the Ruckrunde is that he's now going to have a lot more pressure on him to convert chances. Auba missed easy chances every game, most of which he creates for himself. If he can just convert three of four more of those chances he will be on good pace for 40. He has more pressure of course, because we can't afford to lose many more points in our race for the title against Bayern. Now a reason why it my not be as easy for Auba to score more goals is that the stakes are raised in the second half of the season as throughout the league teams know what they have to do in order to get where they want, whether that's top 4 or out of the bottom three.

We will win the Europa League

This may be the most competitive running of the Europa league round of 32 ever with teams like Tottenham, Napoli, Fiorentina, Marseille, Schalke(barf), Sevilla and Porto.  With 8 teams in the top 5 of the big four leagues this year, the elimination rounds of the tournament will surely be exciting to watch. With us drawing Porto for the round of 32 we have our work cut out for us from the get go. But this year we have played like one of the best teams in the world, and after last seasons disaster, our boys are definitely motivated to go out and show all, they are above this tournament. Also, winning any medal is always nice. With the fab four scoring at will this season and plenty of youth players who can step up to the challenge, we have the ability and motivation to compete without sacrificing our Bundesliga title challenge. If there is one team I'm worried about stopping us in the tournament, it has to be Napoli. Gonzalo Higuain, Napoli's striker, is the only player this season in europe's top 5 league to score more than Aubameyang. With a cast just as strong as ours, a Napoli-BVB final would surely be one of the finest the Europa League has ever seen.

Mkhitaryan will only be topped by Ozil as the best assister in europe's top 5 leagues

There are a lot of talented players between Ozil and Mkhitaryan, a list is comprised of a who's who of top creators including Neymar, Di Maria, Silva, De Bruyne, and Gareth Bale, but Mkhitaryan has been amazing this season and including all competitions, he actually is the second best assister in the top european leagues. I'm not saying that Mkhitaryan is better then Neymar, but now that Messi is fully back, Neymar doesn't have to carry the load. With Di Maria, PSG had won their title race already and I'd expect them to lay off in league play for the rest of the season. And with Silva, he's too injury prone to give any real chance at being at the second spot. Of course this prediction out of all of mine may be the most ridiculous, because no matter how you want to justify it, guys like Neymar and Bale are hard to beat. Mkhitaryan has been steadily improving this year and it wouldn't be crazy to say he will increase his assist pace for the second half of the season.

Kagawa will score a Puskas Worthy Goal

Okay I have no basis for this but it would be nice wouldn't it, but REMEMBER THIS ONE