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Amazing Goal by American Youngster

He may be young, he may be new, but man can this fella play.

Playing for USMNT
Playing for USMNT
Mike Carlson/Getty Images

Pulisic scored his first goal for the black and yellows the other day against Korean Champions Jeonbuk. Pulisic is new to our squad having only recently started his professional club career last year. At 17 years old we have already seen some amazing moves and games by the youngster. His ability to control the ball from his central position allows us to use the wingers in different ways, allowing for a more unpredictable attack.

His first goal came as Kagawa receives a pass and outplays one of the Korean players. He lifts his head and sees Pulisic running on the outside, placing a deadly pass. Pulisic first touch was beautiful as he places it forward and to his right with the outside of the boot, only then to whack it into the near corner, beating the keeper.

We look forward to seeing more of him over the coming weeks. Hopefully he can kick his way into the main team.

But first, lets marvel at his first club goal, shall we?

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