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Match Review: BVB Wins as Young Players Shine.

Park! Park! Park!

Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

Another day, another friendly win as the say in The Emirates. We won 4-1 against Korean Champions Jeonbuk with goals from Reus(4'), Castro(42'), Park(53') and Pulisic(90'). Even though we gave up a equalising goal in the 10th minute, we controlled the game pretty well the rest of the way through. It should be noted that the Jeonbuk goal was scored by Korean legend Lee Dong-Gook who is one of the most accomplished korean players in the country's football history.

The best part about today was the stand out performances by the young guys. Christian Pulisc, the American youngster we've talked so much about on FTW, scored his first goal for the top team today after netting an assist in our last outing. It was a beautiful goal right by the near post. Also, he was a creative force for the whole half, showing that he has the ability to fit in well with our first team. Moritz Leitner who for the first half of the season barely made an appearance and seemed to be on the transfer block, also continued his great form from earlier this week. He assisted Park's goal and looked in top shape as he passed better then he has in years.  The real star of today was Joo-Ho Park who netted once and assisted the Pulisc goal.  He was everywhere today playing as a true modern Left back from netting on one side to going for a amazing slide to save a open net goal on the other, he did it all. If he can play as well as he did today it will make our left back position all the more stronger.

Other things of note:

  • The Castro goal was very normal for Castro goals this season; and when I say that I mean it was an  absolutely brilliant shot.
  • Erik Durm played today for the first time since the summer training camp. Tuchel says that he will be given slightly more minutes each game as he slowly returns to form, but not to expect him to be in the starting lineup to start the season.
  • We really got to see the sweet side of Joo-Ho Park today as after the game he ripped the still beating heart out of the Jeonbuk goalkeeper then signed it and gave it to a young fan. (please don't take this seriously)