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Hinrunde Review

With the Bundesliga season reaching the halfway point, it seems like a good time to reflect on all that has happened thus far. Wouldn’t you say?

The lads getting ready.
The lads getting ready.
Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

So… Where do we stand? Well, we are in second place (those damn Bavarians), 12 wins, 2 draws, 3 defeats, 47 goals scored, 23 conceded and 38 points earned, we don’t seem to be doing too bad. Actually, that’s a better tally than we every had under Kloppo; as a matter of fact, this is the second best start to the Bundesliga we have every had in our club’s history.

Südtribune Loud and Proud

We’ve played sensationally at home, winning seven games and drawing only one against Darmstadt on the 24th of September. Away we’ve won five, lost three and only drew one. We have also not had a single game without a goal, making watching games brilliant fun. Outside the Bundesliga, the team has managed to score their way into the quarter finals of the DFB cup and reaching the knock out stages of the UEFA Europa League.

New Season, New Coach

Thomas Tuchel shoulders must have been heaving coming into the season. Can you imagine succeeding the legend that was Klopp? The 42- year old did not seem to have a problem with that though, launching a successful bid into the season with 5 straight victories. The teams low point however was being defeated by the Bundesliga first, Bayern Munich, as they smashed us to bits finishing the game 5 – 1. With a new coach comes a new system, a new philosophy, as van Gaal would call it. TT has clearly left his mark on the club with the team completing 84% of all passes and a whopping 60% possession.

Batman, the almighty

Now, there’s no way we can talk about the first half of the season and not mention the star that is Aubameyang. Holy cow has this man just come alive. At the beginning of the season he was quoted saying "If someone like Ronaldo can get 50 goals in a season then why wouldn't I be capable?" It seams as though he has really taken this to heart netting 18 goals alone in the Bundesliga and assisting four. In the DFB Pokal and Europa League he scored a total of 48 goals, bringing his season total to 66. You read that right, 66. You do you Auba. You do you. Side note, the Bundesliga website has even created a dedicated page to all things Auba.

Looking Forward

I think its safe to say that our season thus far has been an incredible journey and we look forward to what Tuchel has under his sleeve for the next half. A win against the beer drinking boys down south perhaps?