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BVB - Eintracht Frankfurt Friendly Game Reveiw.

That was easy

Juergen Schwarz/Getty Images

That was fun to watch. After going a month without our Black and Yellows we got to see them tally 4 against Frankfurt in a friendly game in Dubai. The game may not have mattered but it's always fun to watch some great goals.

In the first half we played Bürki, Passlack, Hummels, Subotić, Piszczek, Ginter, Gündoğan, Leitner, Reus, Mkhitaryan, and Aubameyang. Surprisingly out of all these players Leitner was the most interesting to watch. Maybe feeling the heat of an outgoing transfer he played very well today with a beautiful through ball early on and a couple of decent shots and passes through the first half. We scored our only goal of the first half on a penalty kick taken by Guendogan. It was also nice seeing the youngster Felix Passlack get minutes with the first team. He played very well as the LB and didn't find himself out of position or making too many mistakes, both good signs for the U19. Overall the first half players played really well, absolutely dominated the ball and had plenty of shots, just had our age old struggle of capitalizing on those chances.

Our second half line up was very interesting with Bonmann, Stenzel, Sokratis, Subotić, Park, Weigl, Ginter, Kagawa, Castro, Pulisic and Ramos. We scored almost right away as Ramos netted in the 48th. It was then Kagawa who scored in the 63rd minute, with an amazing assist going to the American youth Christian Pulisic. The Pulisic assist may have been the most important take away from the match as he was able to show good quality for being a 17 year old, and now he may find himself in the first team for an extended time as we are lacking depth in the wings. To cap off the 4 goal win Ramos scored again in the 68th minute. Another interesting addition in the second half was Eintracht Frankfurt playing their new signing Marco Fabian, a Mexico national who is hoping to break through in the Bundesliga for the second half of the season. After the 4th goal the game calmed down except for a few late chances, but it being a friendly both sides laid off for the most part.

The game meant nothing but with great performances from youngsters like Pulisic and Passlack and a good showing from Ramos, maybe this game showed us we aren't lacking in as much depth as we thought we were going into the second half of the season.