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Meet Malcom

Meet the potential new kid on the block, Malcom.

Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

Malcom Filipe Silva de Oliveira is an 18 year Brazilian national that currently plays for their U20 team. When he’s not playing for his country, he plays a little bit of football on the side for Sport Club Corinthians Paulista.

He came up through the ranks at Corinthians starting in their youth academy until 2014 when he was brought up to the main team by the then head coach Mano Menezes. Since then he has managed to get his name onto the starter list.

His main domain is on the left wing, however he has played on the right, as well as up top. So far the youngster has netted 10 times in 71 appearances and assisted a total of 5 goals.

Though he is still under contract, places his current value at 10 million Euro – not bad for an 18 year old kid.

The left footed lad has great positional awareness, posses the ability to place a deadly accurate pass, outruns and outwits defenders with ease and seems to remain incredibly calm in front of goal.

As we do lack depth in our forward positions, with the loss of Januzaj and Hoffmann, adding a versatile player that could assist Aubameyang or Ramos on the right and – when Reus is injured again – on the left. He seems to enjoy taking on players and going into one on ones with defenders and goalkeepers, making his moves forward unpredictable to read for the opposition.

Though he might be young and not used to the cold that we experience in Germany, with time I do believe that he could really make a difference in Thomas Tuchels squad. Interestingly, there are 4 people that would be involved in the transfer on Malcoms side; three business men, the club and his agent Moura. I am confident thought that the club and its leaders have become very good at navigating troublesome waters during transfers and will find a solution. places his leaving Corinthians at 25%, though German news outlets have been reporting that the club has a high interest in signing him and that an offer is expected in the coming days. We (im)patiently await further news!

While we wait, here's a little highlight reel of him thus far.

Update to the story. The Ruhr Nachrichten, a media partner of BVB, have said that Dortmund are distancing themselves from him. Matthias Dersch claimed that the club is looking for a better solution to our squad problem.